Custom Neoprene Wetsuits

These are a few examples of actual clients in custom suits.
However – don’t feel limited by these pictures…you can design a suit that’s just right for you!

1-Piece Jumpsuits

2-Piece suits: Farmer Jane/John and Shorty

2-Piece Suits: Farmer John and Bolero Jacket

Long-sleeved Shorty’s

Short Sleeved Shorty’s

Jacket, Hooded Vest, and Sleeveless Shorty’s

Custom Items – Base Price of Neoprene Garments Prices effective 7/1/23
Reflects 10% price increase for Yamamoto Neoprene material since 2021.
Style 3mm 5mm 7mm
1-Piece Jump Suit (aka Fullsuit) $897.00 $957.00 $1017.00
Bolero Jacket $374.00 $402.00 $430.00
Farmer John $657.00 $702.00 $747.00
Long-sleeve Shorty $620.00 $665.00 $710.00
Short-sleeve Shorty $552.00 $592.00 $632.00
Sleeveless Pool Suit Shorty $542.00 $576.00 $610.00
Short-sleeve Hip-length Jacket $465.00 $504.00 $543.00
Long-sleeve Hip-Length Jacket $495.00 $534.00 $573.00
Hooded Hip-Length Vest $350.00 $384.00 $418.00
Short zipped Vest $225.00 $250.00 $275.00

Two-Piece suit combinations (Farmer John and Bolero Jacket or Farmer John and Shorty) ordered at the same time will be discounted from above prices. Terrapin also designs and builds items not on the list above, contact us for a price quote.

For more neoprene items, see Accessories.

For a list of available Extras and Special Features to add to your suit, see Special Features.

Note: Color choices (blocking, waves, and stripes) are included in base price.  For a list of currently available color choices please see our Neoprene Color Chart.
Scenes, Stars, Critters, and other embellishments are priced at labor rate.

Contact us to discuss your suit!

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