Custom Polartec Wetsuits

Terrapin Custom Polartec suits can be made in any of the suit styles we offer:
jumpsuit, shorty jackets, or 2-piece sets like the bolero and farmer jane.

Polartec Pricing

The Polartec material costs more per yard than Neoprene, but since Polartec is sewn without gluing first, construction is quicker, so the cost for custom Polartec garments is less than for custom Neoprene garments.

Custom Items – Base Price of Polartec Garments Prices effective 7/1/23
(subject to change)
1-Piece Jump Suit $692.
Bolero Jacket $287.
Farmer John $506.
Long-sleeve Shorty $477.
Short-sleeve Shorty $423.
Sleeveless Pool Suit Shorty $418.
Long-sleeve Hip-length Jacket $381.
Zippered Hooded Vest $286.
Zippered Short Vest $173.
Above-Knee Length Shorts (drawstring waist) $204.
Lady’s Bathing Suit $306.

Note: Color choices (color blocking, and accent stripes) are included in base price.  For currently available colors see our Polartec Color Chart.

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you will need Adobe Reader  (click link to download if needed).