Add a Top Embellishment


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We can add an (extra) Embellishment to many of our custom hoods, but we don’t add them to other manufacturer’s products. Here’s how to order:

1) First select the Minihood, Dry-suite Hood, and/or Coldwater Hood in the size and thickness you want, then Add to Cart.

2) Next select the style of Embellishment

3) Next select the topper’s color, and Add to Cart.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 2 in
Embellishment Options

‘Mickey-Style’ Mouse Ears, Bat signal, Cat Ears, Devil Horns & Tail, Dolphin Fin, One Princess Crown, Other…Send An Email with Request, Sea Dragon Spines & Tail, Shark Fin, Wedding Veil

Top Embellishment Colors

Black, Cadet Blue, Royal Blue, Pale Blue, Turquoise, Spruce Teal Fluorescent Coral, Red, Magenta, Bright Pink, Violet, Maroon Lemon Yellow, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Lime White, Silver, Gray Camo, Marine Blue Camo